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Kingdom Come - Back to Work Update

by Couchpotato, 2014-05-08 06:25:16

Warhorse Studios has a new update with more information on the development of Kingdom Come: Deliverance, and include a new video to show some new features.

New features

Every few weeks we have a company-wide presentation of the new stuff that has been created during the previous weeks. Since, due to having to catch up on the whole backlog, I haven’t had much time for dealing with the actual development, I was quite surprised how many new things had been created.

In the first place, we have the archery practically done, including most of the RPG stats connected with it and I dare say it’s that sophisticated we could put out an archery simulator ;-) The scripters then set up shooting of forest game, so you can set out hunting hare with your new bow and I gotta say anyone who manages to hit one of those bunnies is a sharpshooter. It really is awesome.

Our AI has learned to get characters to create queues in front of a door, give right of way to each other and close doors behind them. The horse riding has improved a bit, so for example when the rider now jumps from his mount on a hill, he drops perpendicular to the ground, and on the other hand he can mount the horse even in relatively complicated conditions. The model of the horse itself is being redesigned. The former one was a little short and when galloping sometimes looked a bit funny, so the horses are getting new models and a new skeleton.

Crowd funding continues

The most important news for us is that we’ve finally launched our own crowdfunding platform. It really took us a long time due to the whole range of various issues that arise when you want to make a complex system that must have no glitches, in view of the fact that it’s about money.

Planning and design

As far as me and design are concerned, this month we still haven’t gotten into the working regime I’d like to see. Fortunately we’ve managed to sort out most of the backlog. We created a long-term roadmap of the tasks for the game. We’ve finally decided, hopefully, where we will be moving to next month, because we no longer fit into the existing space.

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