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Celestian Tales - Sprites, Sketches, & Line Arts

by Couchpotato, 2014-05-09 05:34:10

Ekuator Games has posted the next post-funding update for Celestian Tales: Old North with news on the games sprites, shows some new sketches, and talks about art.

Sprites, Sketches, Line Arts

Work's been going quite smoothly here and there. Thankfully, now we do have stuffs for you to see instead of a boring wall of text.

General Stuff

First thing's first: your pledges have arrived! We've converted some of the NZD into IDR to get things going. It's tough telling people (outside of the core team) to do stuffs when we can't pay them. Now that we can, the wheels are greased and we're going full speed.

On other news, we're moving things forward with Steam and Humble Bundle. We got into talks about tax, and fortunately our country has a tax treaty with the US which will substantially reduce the tax withholding. However this requires some administrative works (such as registering a TIN with the IRS), which take time and are currently in-progress. When this is done though, we're good for the rest of our game-making future.

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