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Atriarch - Development Update

by Dhruin, 2006-11-13 20:43:08

The Atriarch site has an update on their silence, saying they remain committed to the title:

World Fusion's commitment to Atriarch remains alive and well (albeit a bit reclusive the past few months):

What an interesting road Atriarch has and is taking. We started off quietly with an idea of developing this beautiful online alien world. A couple gamers (World Fusion) began working on the concept in addition to our regular contracting work. Then it evolved into something much larger... larger vision, larger team, larger budget, larger everything. We hit several roadblocks along the way, one after another after another. Many of these roadblocks were out of our control and placed in front of us by others. Some of these roadblocks were the result of our own decisions. Regardless of any of that, one thing remained constant... World Fusion's dedication to seeing Atriarch brought to life!

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