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Shiness - A New JRPG PC Game

by Couchpotato, 2014-05-11 09:47:51

Shiness is a new kickstarter game that aims to combine a manga and JRPG. The developer Ynnis Interactive is asking for $100,000.  Here is the pitch video.

Shiness is a Role Playing Game which will let you dive into a new adventure across Sky Islands. In a world where every land strives for power, two Wakis named Chado and Poky, traveling aboard a flying boat, accidentally land on a very dangerous island. Prepare yourself for an epic journey into a huge universe that will stay with you for a long time! With its unpredictable storylines and frenetic gameplay, Shiness is waiting for you to play the story imagined 20 years ago by our Creative Director and finally brought to life.

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SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Fantasy
Genre: J-RPG
Platform: PC
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