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Grim Dawn - Grim Misadventure #45

by Myrthos, 2014-05-12 17:53:35

Crate's designer Zentai delivers the 45th edition of Grim Dawn's misadventures, which is about the Steps of Torment dungeon.

In this update, we will be talking about our new rogue-like dungeons. For those not familiar, "rogue-like" games were early predecessors to the modern action-RPG and the name is derived from the 1980's game Rogue. Rogue-likes are characterized by random layouts and permanent death that made the experience intense and final victory all the more satisfying. Unless you have started a hardcore character, you won't die permanently in Grim Dawn but we have tried to capture the thrill of rogue-likes in these special challenge dungeons by sealing the door upon entering and disabling riftgates so that there is no escape except by gruesome death or fighting your way triumphantly to the end.

If you have not played Grim Dawn Early Access yet, the Steps of Torment is one of the most challenging dungeons currently available in Grim Dawn, featuring some of the strongest enemies and biggest rewards. However, only the first three floors of this dangerous location are currently available. Those enjoying Early Access will soon discover that there are two more floors that descend even deeper into Arkovia’s dark past.

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