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Transistor - Interview @ VG 24/7

by Couchpotato, 2014-05-14 05:46:24

VG 24/7 had the chance to interview SuperGiant Games Greg Kasavin to ask a few questions about his studio, and to talk about his upcoming game Transistor.

As Transistor is coming to PS4 and PC initially, I ask Kasavin about SuperGiant’s decision to forego publishers and fly solo throughout the project. He tells me that Warner Bros’ involvement with Bastion was primarily a pre-requisite to get the game past Microsoft’s Xbox Live certification process, but now that several barriers have been lifted on consoles, the team decided to stay entirely self-sufficient this time around.

“Self-publishing felt like a logical next step,” he states, “as digital publishing has evolved to some extent in the last several years to make it easier for smaller teams like ours to get their games onto different platforms. At this point we have a good-sized following of fans interested in what we’re up to, and we love talking to the gaming press directly. And above all, we love our independence, being able to control and be responsible for every aspect of the games we make. We’ll see how the rest of this process goes for us, though thus far we’ve enjoyed it.”

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