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Original Sin - Post-Funding Update # 60

by Couchpotato, 2014-05-17 00:57:34

Larian Studios has posted the next update for Divinity: Original Sin. The first part of the update shares news the Maxc version is now available to play.

First: Mac users, this one's for you! D:OS is now available for Mac systems through your Steam Early Access code.

Second: Mac players can play together with PC Players. And Steam Cloud saves are activated.

Third: Laptop UI Optimisations are now live. (Good news for you track pad warriors!)

Taken together, these advancements mean you can play D:OS at home at your PC battle station, during your lunch break at work on your Mac, and on-the-go on your laptop of either make. And you can play it with anybody else who has a good taste in RPGs, whether they have a PC or a Mac. 

Next we get information on a new Collector Edition.

The Collector's Edition (the same backers in the $95 tier will get) is currently in production and here's what you can expect:

The Collector's Edition includes:

  • Four Divinity titles (Two copies of D:OS on two DVDs; Divine Divinity and Beyond Divinity for download)
  • Zandalor's trunks & the Golden Grail DLC 
  • Maradino's Alchemical Cards for in-game crafting
  • Cloth map of Andavale
  • Collector's Edition Stickers 
  • Two-sided Poster
  • Collector's Edition Soundtrack on CD-ROM
  • Game Manual 
  • Zandalor's Deck of Playing Cards 
  • Bellegar's RPG dice

How do I get my hands on one of these?

The English edition is available worldwide exclusively through the Larian Vault

IMPORTANT! There are only 1500 English versions of the Collector's Edition available; the rest is reserved for our Kickstarter backers. We aren't planning a re-print (the organisational acumen it takes confuses and frightens we developer-types), so get your loot while it's available.

A limited set of German, French & Polish editions will be available via retail. 

In the Benelux, a limited amount of English editions can be found  in Game Mania 

The rest of the update is about a Beta update & Beta Testers.

We need beta testers!

We've had a secret army of testers combing through the game for us these last months, but we're  in need of fresh eyes and fresh perspectives. If you know you've got an upcoming weekday off and are in the vicinity of Gent, Belgium, we'd love to hear from you.

We are looking for two types of testers to join us between now and release.

The Rookies. Testers who have never played D:OS in any form before. We need fresh eyes to help us see where the game can be made more intuitive to new players and to improve our current tutorial.

The Veterans. Testers who have completed all or most of the beta content and are ready to delve into our other, never-before-released mid- and end-game content.

Testers must be available to join us at our office in Gent, Belgium for a day of testing. Send inquiries to [email protected].

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