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World War Machine - A Post-Human ARPG

by Couchpotato, 2014-05-18 05:10:40

World War Machine is a new Action RPG that was picked from the voters of the Square Enix Collective. The games is asking for $50,000, and ends on June, 24th.

A supremely customizable, highly advanced technological marvel of destruction.

Locate prized items and gather Materials to Craft crippling Weapons, upgrade with ruinous hardware Components and make critical moment-to-moment tactical choices as you campaign through an unforgiving cityscape. A fast-paced, modern Action-RPG, World War Machine lets you adventure solo or party-up to survive the hordes of remorseless enemies.

NOTE: To those who may be wondering, the funding goal of $50 000 we have set is not to fund the game entirely. It costs a lot more than that to make a top quality Action-RPG. We are already partially funded by a loan from the CMF (Canada Media Fund). We simply need an additional push to make the game better. 

We are extremely passionate game developers, each with many years of experience in the game industry. We plan on doing right by every single dollar pledged by putting it directly into the production of World War Machine.

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