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After Reset - Monthly Money Report

by Couchpotato, 2014-05-19 05:11:24

Black Cloud Studios has a new monthly money report, and talks about the Alpha.

Monthly Money Report

Hey guys,

We've got brief report about our funding status. In April we collected $825 from 20 backers. That makes our total budget $14,896 from 358 backers.

Thanks so much for your support! Despite the challenges, we're working hard to meet your expectations and reward your faith in us, and in our game.


We've almost completed work on the script for the graphic novel and I'd like 20 volunteers from our TFOG Kick-starter backers to help us out by reading the script and providing feedback (that implies, of course, an NDA). And do not worry about spoilers. Even after reading the graphic novel, the game's story will have aces in the sleeve to surprise you.

If interested, please e-mail me Richard at (mrnixon@afterreset.com) with the following information:

- Your name as it appears on Kickstarter (if you backed TFOG there).
- Your e-mail (if you backed TFOG via a direct pledge).
- Your account on After Reset official forum.
- Your age.
- Your country.

If you're selected, we'll grant you access to a private forum where you can discuss the script and provide feedback, and that's the only place you'll be able to discuss it until the graphic novel is released. Let's not spoil the fun and surprises for our fellows! ;)


Every week this goal draws closer, and our build progress has been pretty amazing. Now we're working hard on the levels' design and character customization. Stay tuned for further news, as we'll be giving you a first-look in the near future, as well as updates about the coming alpha tests!

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