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Lanista Wars:Titans - Update#1, Hi Everyone!

by Couchpotato, 2014-05-19 05:32:43

Dream Harvesters also released the first kickstarter update for their RPG Lanista Wars:Titans. The update talks about Pledges, and a new T-shirt.

Hi Everyone!

Despite the fact that our initial boost was not a huge success, we still keep working on the project with all speed. We think that we could not be able to explain the game fully. In order to fix this vagueness we are preparing a new video which will be uploaded to the Kickstarter page in a couple of days that shows more of the swap system and the dynamic environment. 


A lot of viewers thought that our $1 pledge was interesting. We wanted to make a statement that our priority is to complete the game and not the commercial profit. Anyone who has a dollar will be able to play the game if it is ever funded. 


We also have a news for you. Here is the design for Lanista Wars: Titatns' T-Shirt. Hope you like it.

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