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Frontiers - Anniversary Update In-Coming

by Couchpotato, 2014-05-19 05:54:24

Lars Simkins has a new update for Frontiers that talks about the upcoming Anniversary Update, and shares some infomation on what he calls forum stuff.

Anniversary Update Coming Up!

Hello, everyone - do you realize that it's been almost one year since the Kickstarter launched on June 17th? Because I just did.

One whole year! I've decided to do a mega-update next month to mark the occasion. It'll have video, it'll have audio, it'll have tons of goodies wrapped into a big fat spectacular anniversary bash.

Forum Stuff

In the meantime there's some stuff happening on the forums. I recently posted a devlog in response to all the requests for info about release dates. It goes over where I'm at with deadlines. And if you're curious about mods, I've started a modding thread where I'm dumping info and game data, including some C# classes.

I'll save the rest for the mega-update. See you then...

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