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Medieval Times - A New Action Adventure Game

by Couchpotato, 2014-05-20 05:34:44

We were sent news of the following game called Medieval Times on Indiegogo. The developer OddGames is asking for $10,000. So as usual here is the pitch video.

You are a local peasant (Edmond) from a small village called Mosscroft. Everyday seems ordinary and dull until you are set on a mission by the village noble which leads to unexpected adventures.

Edmond is given the task to travel to the neighbouring village called Fairbridge to find new seeds for sowing. Eager to find some change in his life he gladly accept the task; anything to get away from the farming shores and errands. However, Edmond quickly realizes that life is not so easy on the road. Bandits raid the country side, attacking supply caravans and unproven travellers. He must build up his skills if he is to survive in this unforgiving world…

The developer also offers a demo to help you decide to help find his game.

There is a Medieval Times working alpha demo which you can try for free. However, to get the project finished I need your support. This will allow me to pay for studio rent, additional development programs and equipment. The more money I raise the more creative freedom, and content there will be.

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