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Wasteland 2 - Development Blog Updates

by Couchpotato, 2014-05-20 06:12:51

InXile Entertainment has two new updated on it s Tumblr Blog for Wasteland 2. The first update is about the next steps for the Crowdsourcing Localization.

Crowdsourcing Localization – Next Steps

We launched the Wasteland 2 crowdsourcing localization about a week ago. The effort is off to a very good start, with the hyper-efficient Germans leading the way. We invited a few of our editors to take an early look at the translation output of our fans and they were well impressed by the quality and consistency of our crowdsourced translations. That’s the value of getting real RPG gamers involved! From here on out our editors will start becoming more active on Get Localization itself, guiding and interacting with our community.

The more volunteers we have, the higher the quality of the translations. We spoke earlier on rewarding our fans, and the top translators will get selected rewards later, but to reward our productive translators, we’ve decided to give everyone who provides approved translation of over 250 strings a copy of Wasteland 2, which will include beta access (please do provide your email address when registering, as otherwise we have no way to contact you).

The second update shares some new screenshots, and tells us to look forward to the next update. Which should be tomorrow or sometime this week.

A plethora of post-apoc goodness awaits tomorrow AM (PST) with a Wasteland 2 update. New character creation screens + new town (Damonta) + new HUD + new character parts + new weapon range indicator and much more. Lots of NEW! The next beta update will break existing save games.

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