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Dragon Fin Soup - Help Us Name a Monster!

by Couchpotato, 2014-05-21 00:25:41

In the latest kickstarter update for Dragon Fin Soup the developers ask for help from all who backed the game to name a new monster. Here are the details.

Help us name a Monster!

Summer is finally here for most of the team now. Its super hot in Bangkok and finally warm enough not to wear a sweater in Philadelphia and Chicago. Of course our team members in San Francisco have been enjoying sunny weather for awhile now :P
Everyone is feeling good and is hard at work on the game. 

Crowdfunding Update 

We have been making slow steady progress in our Slacker Backer campaign towards our next Stretch Goal and are just over ½ way there. For those of you who already backed us that means potentially more cool features for you! 

Here is our Grand Total raised so far! 
Grand Total: $125,305 (Including Adjustments & Add-ons)

Game Info - Monster

Scavenger Snail 

This giant Land Mollusk is commonly found in the Cherberry Marshes and the Bleemshroom Forests. The Scavenger Snail is a Carrion-Eater but will not shy away from attacking Adventurers when hungry (always) or during mating period (always). Its tough shell is a popular crafting material for Orcish Armor. 

We don’t have a cool name for this Monster yet so feel free to contribute some ideas in the forum thread! http://grimm-bros.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=121&p=1265#p1265

Next week we will pick 10 of the suggested Names and create a Poll where you can decide the final name :)

Dev Update 

We have added 2 new types of interactive Objects to the world. The Mysterious Crystals!

We will not spoil the exact purpose of those Crystals as we would like you to figure out what to do with them by yourself later! All we can say is that they will involve some simply minigames, rewards, punishments and possibly even combat related mechanics. We have also started working on the haunted mansion dungeon and related missions and will be able to share a screenshot with you in our next update!

Thanks everyone and don’t forget to register on the DFS forums and get your green username http://grimm-bros.com/forum/

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