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Darkest Dungeon - Mini Update & Twitch Stream

by Couchpotato, 2014-05-21 00:59:43

Red Hook Studios released a new mini update for Darkest Dungeon with news on the games devlopment, and mentions the new Twitch stream is now Live.

Mini Update

The last month has seen a ton of systems get implemented!  

We've added a host of functionality that really fleshes out the positional backbone of combat, and the framework of Town is up and running.  Oh yeah, and art for 4 new playable classes has made it's way into the build - keep your eyes peeled for the Occultist, Bounty Hunter, Hellion, and Grave Robber!


We're doing a joint Twitch stream early next week with the fabulous Starcrawlers team! 

Come watch Chris draw the Starcrawlers Smuggler in the DD style, then marvel as Asa from Juggernaut renders a Darkest Dungeon character in the style of StarCrawlers!  Members of both teams will be on the call, discussing our games, fielding questions, and cracking hilarious jokes*.  C'mon by and hang out!

Here's the skinny: 

When: Tuesday, May 20th 4:00 PST 

Where: IndieMegaBooth Twitch Channel

*please note, hilarity not guaranteed

See you Tuesday!

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