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Malevolence - More Steam Updates

by Couchpotato, 2014-05-23 05:06:06

Visual Outbreak has posted two more updarts on Steam for Malevolence: The Sword of Ahkranox. The first update is about another small patch they released yesterday.

The "Oh wow it kind of works now" update!

So we just pushed out an update which should make things run much, much smoother for people, and fix a lot of crashes.

Now, it's not a fix-all by any means... Please don't mistake it for that... But it's the first step in our headlong dive into optimization, stabilization and overall improvement of the game's performance. I hope that it makes the game a bit more of a pleasant play experience for you all!

More updates will be coming. I realised that I'm spending more time on the discussion boards and forums than I am writing code, so I'm pacing myself a bit more. Sorry if I take longer to get back to you, but I will eventually! I'm just sure you can all agree that getting the game working and looking as best as possible is a pretty high priority right now!

The second update is about the games long load times.

Load Times

Sorry I've been quiet on the boards lately. I'm focusing REALLY heavily on this optimization and stability patch for you all, but I'm making good progress.

It's sounding like the last update I put out has really boosted peoples' performance and reduced crashes significantly, which is great. Also the people who were saying they couldn't run the game at all have been emailing me telling me that it all works now, which is brilliant.

But now I'm working on getting those nasty load times down to a bare minimum. The first stage of that is a heap of analysis to work out what, specifically, is causing them. After tonight's analysis session I have some pretty conclusive data on that and I'm going to be powering through to use that information and come up with various fixes to speed up loading times drastically.

A big thank you, by the way, for the patience you've been having and the nice comments being left sending your support! I hope that my hard work pays off for you all and it brings you more enjoyment in the game! I'll do my best to swing by the boards in a properly thorough fashion very soon :)

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