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Transistor - Interview @ Max Level

by Couchpotato, 2014-05-23 05:09:17

Transistor's Composer Darren Korb was interviwed on a site called Max Level to talk his work on the games soundtrack, and a few other topics related to the game.

Almost everyone I’ve spoken with about Transistor has started off by spewing admiration for the soundtrack. Did you ever imagine that it was going to be something this special?

DK: You know, it’s really hard to ever have any idea about whether or not anyone else is going to like something you’re working on. The early reactions to the music in the trailer released last year were overwhelmingly positive. The folks who played the game at PAX responded really well, so I was hopeful that people would like it. It seems so far that people really dig it, and it’s so great to hear that people are enjoying it and seem to be genuinely interested in it. That’s all you could ever ask for, really.

In a lot of ways, Transistor’s soundtrack follows the same unique pace as Bastion’s. You’ve said that you’re style could be defined as acoustic frontier trip-hop. How exactly did you come to conceptualize this style?

DK: I developed that style to really give cohesion to the Bastion soundtrack and try to define a genre for that game. I tried to do something different this time around, while at the same time retaining some of the eclecticness that Bastion provided.  This time around I tried to include some more electronic elements, some more old-world european instruments, and a little note of post rock. I tried to use all those elements as my center for Transistor.

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