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Deadrock Divide - A New Sandbox RPG

by Couchpotato, 2014-05-23 05:25:36

Deadrock Divide is a new Kickstarter game from developer Bootsnake Games. They are asking for $50,000,and describe their game as the following.

Control the Fate of Deadrock Divide

You arrive to find the area teeming with miners, pirates, and corporations, all competing for control over valuable resources. Secure contracts and hire, equip, and command your squad of mercenaries to conquer the asteroid belt and become a legend of Deadrock Divide.

  • Fight in XCOM inspired turn-based tactical combat. Use lasers, turrets, grenades, and more to overcome your enemies. Destructible battlefields open the doors for huge variety in how you choose to fight it out.

  • Explore an asteroid field full of miners, pirates, heroes and villains.

  • Buy one of many ships, upgrade your ship with special rooms that change how the ship functions in both flight and tactical combat.

  • Upgrade your characters with new weapons, armor, belt buckles and more. Unlock the secrets of fantastic weapons, craft your own boots, or take the relic of a famous star fighter.

  • Choose one of three factions and help them conquer the region in their quest to control the flow of Deadrock.

  • Trade with the stations and denizens of the Divide. A complex economy is at work moving goods from mine to station. Build mines and make money by getting your hands dirty.

  • Build your characters how you want using a trait system. Characters unlock trait points you can spend how you want. Have heavy weapons soldier who can heal, a telekenetic pilot, a character with some abilities in many trees, and more.

Deadrock Divide is our take on tactical games by combining elements of sandbox RPG. It provides replayability with random elements that make each playthrough fresh, including beating the game with each of the three factions.

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Deadrock Divide

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