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Elder Scrolls Online - Interview @ Ausgamers

by Couchpotato, 2014-05-23 05:38:11

Creative Director Paul Sage was interviewed on Ausgamers to talk about future game updates, and the upcoming Craglorn content update.

AusGamers: Craglorn content is already accessible on the public test server, so why the hesitation to announce a release date?

Paul Sage: We want to put it out when we feel it is done. We are getting the balance tweaked on it and getting the known bugs fixed. It is looking like, at the time of this interview, it will be released this week.

AusGamers: More than just new content, Craglorn is being rolled out as part of a patch that will also implement a swathe of balance changes across the classes. Is there a technical reason such changes have been coupled to the content release?

Paul: Not so much technical as logical. After going live and even in the last days of Beta, we were still getting a lot of data about classes and how each performs. So we want to make sure to tie all of these together. Obviously, pushing any changes with a major update is a good thing. Having fewer updates is better for keeping the service up and people playing.

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