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Dragon Age: Inquisition - Interview @ X-ONE

by Couchpotato, 2014-05-23 05:50:26

The official XBox One magazine shared a few tid-bits from a new interview they did with Bioware about Dragon Age: Inquisition being their most customisable game.

BioWare has a great reputation for putting the player in control of their own story and character design in its games thanks to the successes in the Mass Effect and Dragon Age series. Now with Inquisition though, BioWare claims it’s taking things to a new level.

“Inquisition gives players more customization than any Dragon Age game we’ve ever done.” Dragon Age producer Cameron Lee insisted to us. “In fact it’s the most customizable game ever created by BioWare.”

Hawke in Dragon Age II was a fairly defined character, a point of contention for some fans who wanted more. BioWare has looked to address this head on.

“Along with choosing race, gender, class and specialization you have more freedom to pick the types of weapons and armor your hero and party members take into battle as well as their abilities and stats,” Lee explained. “Additionally in Inquisition you can craft, modify and enchant your own weapons and armor, this includes choosing from a large number of materials and colors so you can make your characters look exactly how you want.”

What’s more you can also make changes to the appearance of your party members. “Companions are just as customizable as your character with the exception of their face and body,” Lee confirmed.

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