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Witchmarsh - Soundtrack Add-on & Bestiary

by Couchpotato, 2014-05-23 06:00:56

Inglenook has posted the second update for Witchmarsh with news about a new soundtrack add-on, the games Bestiary, and a new stretch goal.

£5 Soundtrack add-on, Bestiary, Alchemist stretch goal

Wow, Day 5 and we're on 67%, this is incredible!   

As many of you have mailed in requesting it, we're introducing a new add-on to the rewards. If you've pledged in tiers 1 or 2, just add £5 to your pledge and you can get your hands on the Original Soundtrack. This will be delivered digitally when the game's released, so get those jazz hands ready.

Changes to Bard Tier  

With the Bard tier you'll now get 1 additional game key (with beta access) to share with friends. Backers in this tier will also get a thanks in their own jazzy section in the end credits. :) Right, question time!

The Digital Bestiary

Backers in tier 4+ are set to receive an animated, digital bestiary. It will be available in .exe, .dmg and static as a PDF. Here's a little peek at how the undead page is looking.

Alchemist Stretch Goal

For the 90k stretch goal we'll be adding in the Alchemist character. By default she's built as a mage/support character, and can brew up rare consumables to help the team. Potions are actually pretty rare in Witchmarsh, so you might want to consider bringing her along if we make the goal.

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