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KB: Warriors of the North - Review @ GameBanshee

by Couchpotato, 2014-05-24 06:16:03

GameBanshee's Steven Carter has written a new review for King's Bounty: Warriors of the North, and includes the Ice and Fire DLC.  Here is the conclusion of the review.

If you've read all of the text in my review, then you probably already know what my conclusion is going to be.  Warriors of the North is easily the worst of the King's Bounty titles, and Ice and Fire doesn't do anything to help it -- and in fact might actually hurt it.  I'm not optimistic at all about the upcoming Dark Side sequel, as it looks like it's going to be the same game for yet the fourth time and might as well be called King's Bounty: The Money Grab.  If you're feeling nostalgic about King's Bounty, then I'd recommend that you go back and play The Legend. There's still fun to be found there.  Leave the Warriors of the North alone.

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