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Deadrock Divide - Happy Memorial Day

by Couchpotato, 2014-05-24 06:29:40

Bootsnake Games has posted the first kickstsrter update for Deadrock Divide that talks about Memorial Day, permadeath, and mentions a new live stream.

Happy Memorial Day

Thank you so much for your support on our launch. We are already at 9% which is pretty awesome.

We know this weekend is a holiday in the US so we wanted to get this out before everyone takes off from work!


I want to start off with answering a question that has popped up a couple times now about permadeath in Deadrock Divide.

A: We aren't going to have permadeath. If a crew member goes down in combat, there may be a lingering injury that reduces stats. You will be able to fix the injury by going to a hospital or cyberneticsist.

If we add permadeath, it won't be default. It would be more like an option thing.

Great question!


This Tuesday we will be streaming the game so you can see it in action. Starting at 2pm PST you can catch us on the Indie MEGABOOTH channel at http://www.twitch.tv/indiemegabooth We stream here every Tuesday playing various games but this month will be all Deadrock for you all.

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