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RPGWatch - HiddenX's New CRPG Analyzer

by Couchpotato, 2014-05-27 01:41:02

HiddenX sent me news about his complete, and updated version of his CRPG Analyzer. Don't forget to thank HiddenX,Wulf, and Arhu for all their hard work.

You can check out his project here.

The CRPG Analyzer: A checklist for computer roleplaying games

One of most discussed questions in computer roleplaying game forums is the question: “What is a CRPG?”

You can find a lot of different answers and opinions about this question all over the net. Some say “This question never gets old” other say “Please, don’t beat this dead horse again”

Because we belong to the former group about one year ago Wulf, Arhu and I started a discussion trying to identify the characterizing defining elements of the CRPG genre. Others joined us and over the course of one year we created a checklist that helps to understand why a game is labeled as a CRPG or not. This article describes our approach to the leading question and presents the results. The easy answer:

A CRPG is a computer game that belongs to the CRPG genre: A class of games that allow you to role-play an in-game character. Leads directly to the following new questions when you try to decide whether a given game belongs to the CRPG genre or not:

  • What are the characterizing elements (=recurring patterns) of computer role-playing?
  • Which of these elements are essential, which are important and which are optional?
  • Which elements distinguish CRPGs from related genres like strategy games, adventure games shooters and simulation games?
  • Are there similarities to pen&paper role-playing games?

After some brainstorming we decided to cluster characterizing CRPG elements in four main categories: Character Development, Exploration, Story and Combat. The consensus is that the main categories Character development, Exploration and Story are essential for the CRPG genre and the main category Combat is common but optional.

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