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Balrum - New Beta Update

by Couchpotato, 2014-05-28 00:20:05

Since I haven't seen any new updates on  the Balrum Kickstartrer page I went ahead, and checked the games forums. It seems the Beta got a new update last month.

 Balrum v0.0.85_beta_002

"We updated the beta to version 002. If the window title says 002 than you have the newest version. If it displays Balrum_v0.0.85_beta instead of Balrum v0.0.85_beta_002 than you have an old version so please re-download the game. This is an important update so please make sure you have the 002 version." ~Balcony Team

Any bugs anyone finds need to be e-mailed to Balcony Team at: [email protected] or at: [email protected] Which they prefer I do not know they just say to e-mail them with bug reports and explain how to replicate the bug if you can.

"There are a few areas that are considered really early prototype versions: -weapon crafting -armor crafting -bow abilities All crafting systems need more work and will be much more complex in the future! Also not all features are in the game (character creation).

We are planning to release a couple of updates for the beta version. With your kind help we hope to fix a few nasty bugs hiding in Darkwood so please if you find a bug and your time allows, send us an email describing the bug and how to reproduce it. Also if you find a fatal error (an error that will cause the game to crash) please send us the debug info by pressing the “Send debug.txt” button in the launcher." ~Balcony Team

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