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Witchmarsh - Poll Results & PayPal Pedges

by Couchpotato, 2014-05-29 02:26:37

Inglenook announces their kickstarter game Witchmarsh in now funded. They also give a huge thank you to bakers, share poll results, and talk about PayPal pedges.

100% funded, Thank You! Poll results, PayPal pledges.


In just twelve days you've turned our dream into a reality. Thank you, from all the team. The response we've received is humbling. We've got a busy week ahead of us:

- Posting more updates
- Answering your questions and emails
- Brainstorming onomatopoeia for the stretch goal chart

There's still plenty you can do to help, those stretch goals aren't going to smash themselves!


Very shortly we'll be opening up PayPal backing. Check the main page for a link in the next couple of hours.

Poll Results

The results from last update's poll are in! We'll be using it to determine which part of the game we'll be showcasing in the next content update.

1. Exploration. 195 votes. 39%
2. Perks and Traits. 107 votes. 21%
3. Random Events. 100 votes. 20%
4. Stretch Goal: Alchemist. 63 votes. 13%
5. More Abilities. 36 votes. 7%

If you missed the last major update, Abiltiies, be sure to check it out.

Thanks again everyone. It's an honour that so many of you feel this enthusiastic about our game, we won't let you down! :)

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