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ADOM - Wants to be Greenlit

by Myrthos, 2014-06-02 12:11:54

The creator of ADOM contacted us that his game was not in our database, despite it being available for 20 years already. So here is a newsbit on the game just to compensate for that.

ADOM wants to be Greenlit on Steam, so if you think that is a good idea, go ahead and vote it up. If you need some recommendations, here are a few from the creator:

The successful ADOM Indiegogo campaign in 2012 ($90,169 donated) allowed us to greatly expand the game as well as to offer new play modes allowing the player to choose between playing pure ASCII, tile based graphics (our current focus) or even 3D. Thus ADOM successfully thrives in the 21st century, despite being initially launched in 1994. 

After going through Greenlight and being launched on Steam ADOM will be the single most challenging and detailed roguelike game on the Steam platform - all thanks to almost 20 years of open development. Team ADOM intends to build upon this for many years to come: The Steam integration e.g. will enhance the ADOM community experience with both standard gameplay features like shared highscores and achievements as well as with new special features exchanging ghosts between players, cooperative modes for fighting Chaos and more.

Or you could try it out yourself.

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