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Transistor - Review Roundup

by Myrthos, 2014-06-04 12:53:44

Here is a roundup of reviews for Supergiant Games' Transistor.

NZGamer, 8/10

Overall Transistor certainly shows how far Supergiant Games have come from Bastion - which was a great effort. Unfortunately, it’s missing some essential elements in an RPG (such as the aforementioned grinding) making a few bosses harder than they should be. Yet, as bad as those flaws may sound, I had a great time playing it thanks to the battle system, and the sheer charm of the characters. Chances are if you loved Bastion, you will enjoy Transistor just as much.

Retro, 4.5/5

The game does eventually come to an end, and doesn’t explore the puzzle aspect as much as we were preferring, but Transistor still remains one of this year’s most refreshing experiences. Between the dazzling art style and the innovative gameplay system, there’s something here for everyone to experience.

Gamerspective, 9.2/10

To conclude, Transistor had me fixated on it from start to finish. In the long-standing debate of whether or not video games are art or not, Transistor is definitely a point in its favour. Of all games released this year, this is my favourite so far. I’m crossing my fingers that I’m lucky enough to play a better game before the year is up but I’d certainly love to give my game of the year recommendation to this game already.

Gizorama, 4.5/5

gamrReview, 8.5/10

Edge, 9/10

Eskimo Press, 9/10

IGN, 9/10

Sub-Cultured, a video review

Zed Games

Kaijupop, 2/4

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