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Dark Souls II - New Interview & Patch

by Couchpotato, 2014-06-11 04:37:40

Game Trailers managed to get an interview with Atsuo Yoshimura at E3.

Talk with Atsuo Yoshimura about the greatest game ever made: Dark Souls 2.

The game also has a new patch on the way according the games website.

All versions of Dark Souls II are planned to be updated shortly.
This update is meant to improve user experience.

Issues fixed in the new update:
1) Fixes issue which allows users to dash at high speed
2) Fixes issue which allows users to float in the air

Update Schedule:
PlayStation 3: Planned Friday 6/13
Xbox 360: Planned Monday 6/16
STEAM: Planned Tuesday 6/10

Regulation Version Update:
All Platforms: “1.06” to “1.07”
(The game contents will not be changed. Only the issues above are addressed.)

Game Version Update:
PlayStation 3: “1.04” to “1.05”
Xbox 360: “1.04” to “1.05”
STEAM: “1.02” to “1.03”

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