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Legend - Hand of God - An Interview with Master Creating

by Myrthos, 2006-11-15 23:07:40

Our latest feature is an interview with Master Creating as we catch up with them about their upcoming action/RPG Legend: Hand of God to find out about their "Cinematic Combat System" and more.  Here's an excerpt:

RPGWatch: Many players associate the term "action-RPG" with "Diablo clone". What distinguishes Legend from the pack of nameless hack & slash games?

Jan Beuck: Foremost, I would name the depth of the story and world of Legend. We went to great lengths to build a compelling and rich world for the game to draw from. In terms of storytelling, Legend will be much more like a real RPG – non-linear, with multiple-choice dialogues and a deep, thought-provoking storyline.

Additionally, we are implementing many innovative features; for example our unique mouse cursor which takes the form of a small fairy – a character in the game world. Not only does it constitute a sort of sidekick to our hero, but it’s also the player’s light source, illuminating the dungeons and casting dynamic light and shadows. And of course I have to mention the Cinematic Combat System…

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