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The Banner Saga - Music Composer Update

by Couchpotato, 2014-06-16 06:47:03

Gamasutra has an update on the The Banner Saga composer Austin Wintory who was threatened with a $50,000 fine from the American Federation of Musicians.

What did Austin Wintory do wrong?

Reports indicate that Wintory recorded the music for The Banner Saga in Texas. Texas is a “right to work” state, which means that those in the state cannot be prevented from using non-union workers.

In Wintory’s own words, in a posting on NeoGAF, he says that:

"The violation I’m charged with is breaking the Bylaws, which cite that I can not “perform services (whether as composer, arranger, copyist, proofreader, instrumentalist, leader, contractor, cutter, editor or in any other capacity) for the purpose of producing, editing or dubbing recorded music except where expressly authorized and covered by a contract with the AFM or when expressly authorized by the AFM.”

Now what?

It remains to be seen whether video game companies will sign on with this new agreement.

According to the AFM’s website, they have just drafted a new video game agreement, that will now be voted on by union members. While reports indicate that Microsoft has joined up, it remains to be seen whether other video game companies will sign on with this new agreement.

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