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Astral Terra - Alpha Released

by Couchpotato, 2014-06-16 06:58:28

Seems I missed another kickstater update last month for Astral Terra. The new update has information you can now play the single player Alpha.

Play Astral Terra Alpha Single Player Today!

Astral Terra Alpha Single Player is now available, a massive voxel engine update with Caves and Waterfalls, as well as a new monster – the Bloodfiend!

Greetings gamers and gratitude for your continued interest in Astral Terra. The single player portion of the game is now live for all Founders (people who pre-ordered)! You can still obtain Founders packs by visiting the Founders Page but there are a limited amount left (a little over only 200 keys remain). We would like to stress, however, that Astral Terra is still in a very early Alpha Phase. 

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