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Xenonauts - Officially Released

by Couchpotato, 2014-06-17 05:30:30

Goldhawk Interactive has officially released Xenonauts on Steam for non-backers. Here are the details from a post on the Steam forums.

Xenonauts Leaves Early Access & Officially Released!

This is it, folks: Xenonauts has now officially left Early Access and become a complete game after five years of development! I hope you have as much fun playing the game as we have had making it!

We will of course continue to fix any crashes or game-breaking bugs that rear their ugly heads - though we've fixed all the common ones already. Let us know if you do find crashes.

We're not planning any more gameplay updates to the game at this point (although we may consider a V1.1 patch in a few months), so our current focus has moved to adding Steam Workshop support so the busy modding / mapping community on our forums can reach a wider audience.

There's a lot of good mods over there, but I'll quickly mention that there is a popular map pack which you can download if you're finding the maps in the game a bit repetitive after a few playthroughs (I've seen a few complaints about that): Map Pack Link

We're also trying our best to get the Mac / Linux ports out on Steam. We were hoping it would be ready for today, but unfortunately not. If you have bought the game on Steam for Mac / Linux, please check this thread where we explain what you should do: Mac / Linux Porting

If you've purchased this game at any point prior to our Steam launch and you've lost your key or don't know what to do, we should be able to sort you out. Please follow the instructions in this thread: Instructions Here

I think that's everything. We've had a lot of support over the years and I'm glad we've finally been able to release a finished product like we've always promised we would. It's taken a lot longer than we (or anyone else) expected, so we appreciate the community sticking with us for so long!

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