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Hellraid - Preview Roundup

by Couchpotato, 2014-06-18 05:27:28

I found a few new previews this week from E3 about Techland new game Hellraid.

Game Informer

Hellraid's premise of visceral, first-person melee combat in a hellish fantasy setting is simple but enticing. Techland appears to have come a long way in terms of polish and world creation since release of the buggy but enduringly addictive Dead Island.


While the game shares its DNA with Dead Island, having started out as an internal weapons mod for the zombie title, Hellraid will combine first-person dungeon crawling with preternatural creatures from European fairytales.


Some better narrative context, some imaginative settings, and more interesting enemies could help bring some life to Hellraid, however, and the combat system looks like a solid foundation upon which to build a game. It's up to Techland, then, to put that combat to use in a game that inspires the fear and awe a game called Hellraid deserves. Here's hoping the developer does just that.


Hellraid clearly borrows a lot of standard fantasy and RPG elements from a variety of other games: I mentioned the immediate visual similarities to Elder Scrolls, and even the font on the loot looked Diablo-esque. But it looks like Techland is trying to appeal to the possibly underserved first person action RPG player by boiling their game concept down to the essentials of crisp battle. Techland is hoping to make the game available for early access with serious emphasis on getting feedback on the aforementioned mission and arena modes in the Fall of this year.

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