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Dark Souls II - DLC Preview @ EuroGamer

by Couchpotato, 2014-06-18 05:39:11

EuroGamer previews the upcoming DLC for Dark Souls II, and comes to the conclusion the DLC doesn't look that tough. Here is a sample of why they think that is.

Some Souls fans may decry the addition of DLC so shortly after the main game has launched - although it's hard to argue that Dark Souls 2 was small - but Yoshimura is adamant that the new content's production was a response to the game's sales in the west anyway. "It was really last-minute that we became confident about the game content. We were so anxious about it," he says about the parent game's unenviable goal of having to follow up the cherished Dark Souls. "In regards to the DLC, after we finished creating the game we had a will to create the DLC, but we weren't sure if [Dark Souls 2] was going to be successful, so it was only after we released the game that we decided to do the DLC."

With the unofficial Souls successor Bloodborne on the way, Dark Souls 2's DLC looks a fraction less fresh and inspired than it would have last year, but even a slightly lacklustre addition to the Souls franchise is still an engaging experience. Furthermore, the somewhat malleable environments, fresh foes and optional challenging routes should provide added incentive to explore Dark Souls 2's robust combat systems and marvellous monstrosities even further. For fans of the series, that's in no way a bad thing.

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