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AO - Lost Eden - Interview @ GameZone

by Dhruin, 2006-11-16 21:00:24

Funcom's Mortem Byom has been interviewed at GameZone about the long-delayed Lost Eden expansion for Anarchy Online:

Q: What are the major changes or innovations being introduced with this expansion?

Morten: Lost Eden takes all the elements from our previous expansions and adds in a huge extra helping of Sci-Fi. This expansion focuses on battle options in direct response to what players have asked for. Battle Stations, missile launchers, new massive PvP battlefields in space and on land, new menacing aliens, missions and areas inside the Mothership. There’s an entire new arsenal of mass destruction weapons and powerful armor; plus kick-ass mech vehicles that really make you say “ah.” Lost Eden takes an already incredible world and injects it with a big shot of futuristic battle elements to make it the most robust sci-fi MMO in existence.

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AO - Lost Eden

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