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Original Sin - Update 1.0.47 Released

by Couchpotato, 2014-07-03 05:09:11

Larian Studios has been busy releasing a few patches this week for Original Sin. They released a new new patch on Steam today. Here are the details.

What a game USA-Belgium was!!!! Also, Update V1.0.47

Congratulations Belgium Red Devils on a well deserved victory! And congratulations USA for making it an offensive game and showing such fighting spirit, what a keeper! !

Today's update contains a number of hot fixes for the biggest issues you've been reporting. Your DLC problems should all be sorted out now too.

-Zandalor's Trunks will now talk
-Fixed the repeating voice problem that drove everybody bananas
-Muted banter voices while in dialog or trade
-Fixed crash with open inventory/skill tree on level swap
-Removed Intro Movie loading jitter
-Disabled saving to Steam Cloud again because its size is too small for our save games. We are going to compress the save games first and then reactivate it.
-Fixed problem with UI and save games
-Fixed Silverglen bad script crash
-Fixed problems with preview window in editor
-Fixed problems with game not starting after changing main campaign data with editor

Have fun! And thanks again for spreading the word about Divinity:Original Sin!

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