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Original Sin - Quickest Selling Game for Larian

by Aries100, 2014-07-03 22:22:25

Divinity: Original Sin has sold 160,000 copies since its release on June 30th 2014.  In the words of Swen Vincke, the leader of Larian Studio:

It's doing pretty well," Vincke said. "We're very happy about it. And to be honest we didn't expect it. We thought it was going to do well but not this well. "It's definitely the fastest-selling game we've ever published. The last figures I saw we were at 160,000. For us that's pretty good. We're definitely going to break even and hopefully we'll make sufficient profit for our next game."

Swen Vincke concludes:

It's word of mouth that is driving Original Sin right now," Vincke said. "We were late with our game, working on it until the last day, so we don't even have reviews out there.

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