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Witchmarsh - The Cat's Pajamas

by Couchpotato, 2014-07-04 04:05:56

Inglenook has posted a short post-funding kickstarter update for Witchmarsh.

The Cat's Pajamas

Time for a long overdue update, I believe! We've hit the ground running ahead of the money being cleared for landing - speaking of which, there have been very few hitches with Kickstater's payment collection; which is great news for the project. Many of you who experienced problems switched to PayPal instead, which is still going strong at £4500.

In addition to other work we've been doing, we're in the process of giving the character creation screen a fresh lick of paint.

It should look more like an application form now.

Time has been put aside for researching the decade, which is always rip-roaring stuff. Levels are forming, code is being written and optimised and the plot thickens. We can't wait to bring you more news as it develops.

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