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Gothic 3 - First Impressions @ IGN

by Kalia, 2006-11-17 04:22:23

PC IGN has posted their 'first impressions' of Gothic 3, the recent release in North America.

For anyone who hates having their hand held by a game's design, Gothic III seems like the game for you. We've put in around 20 hours so far, and have yet to run into anything that resembled a main narrative. The game kicks off in the small village of Ardea, gives you a vague quest to eliminate a villain named Xardas and directs you to a nearby rebel camp. It seems hordes of Orcs have descended upon Gothic III's human controlled cities and enslaved their populations. However, your goal isn't necessarily to free everyone, at least from what we can tell so far. From the rebel camp, you get bits and pieces of information regarding how to go about eliminating the Orc threat, but how exactly to proceed is left entirely up to you.
Accompanied by some nifty screenshots, it's a nice, if short, read.


Source: IGN

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