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Divinity: Original Sin - News Roundup

by Couchpotato, 2014-07-04 04:42:16

The Bitpulse has a new article with a look at Divinity: Original Sin from it's humble beginning all the way to it's official releases a few days back.

When Larian Studios started the Kickstarter campaign for its expansive, turn-based RPG Divinity: Original Sin in March 2013, there was little precedent for how a crowdfunded game’s development was supposed to go.

Games like Double Fine’s Broken Age and Wasteland 2 legitimized the platform as a viable means to raise money without needing a publisher, but both games were not yet finished.

While Double Fine works to release the second half of Broken Age this year and InXile Entertainment attempts to meet its new August release date for Wasteland 2, Divinity: Original Sin is out.

After two years of development, over $1 million, and a few delays, the game Larian Studios pitched 15 months ago to potential backers is finally finished. It’s one of the first handful of games that made it through the crowdfunding process, and could be an example future developers look to before they decide to crowdfund their games.

BitPulse went through the history of Divinity: Original Sin’s development, it’s promises and it’s mistakes, and compared that to the finished product that is available today.

Next Larian Studios released another update for the game today.

We just updated the game to version 1.0.51.

+Fixes for German/French
+Fixed crash on talking to summoned pet (KS reward)
+Optimised terrain textures so they take less memory
+Modified loading code for 32 bit systems.

About the Global Chat: We switched it off for now as there was just a bit too much profanity and insulting, and while we have good hopes that it may get better if people read this this[www.gutenberg.org], we'll also install some proper moderation tools & processes. Once that's done, we'll switch it on again.

Note for 32 bit users: The problems you can experience are related to the game running out of memory which can be remedied by lowering the quality settings. We are working on optimising memory usage and will soon have a number of fixes for this. Until then, we recommend setting your texture quality to lowest. We know this is not cool, but solutions are on their way.

And for last Larian also released a video a few days back for the games editor.

A short overview of how to get started on making your own RPG of the Divinity Engine Toolkit. Ships for free with Divinity: Original Sin.

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