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NWN2 - Review @ Uncompressed

by Kalia, 2006-11-17 20:14:01

Uncompressed has posted a review that is quickly becoming very standard: Love the story, hate some of the technical aspects but can rate the game highly regardless. Scoring NWN 2 with a 3.5/5.00, the reviewer said:

After reading all of this, it’s probably hard to imagine how I could possibly give this game a positive overall rating – but the fact is, it’s fun to play. It makes me sad to think that if Obsidian has just taken another couple of weeks to fine tune things, this could have been a tremendously good game. The built in campaign is entertaining with solid pacing, character customization is deep enough to be engaging, and the toolset allows for limitless multiplayer fun. I am hopeful that after a couple of patches Neverwinter Nights 2 will be what I had envisioned after hearing that a sequel was announced.

Even taking the product as it is now, I can hardily recommend it to RPG fans, but the causal RPGer might want to stay clear until some of the bugs get worked out. I mean come on; it’s not as bad as Pool of Radiance…

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