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Divinity: Original Sin - New Article & Patch

by Couchpotato, 2014-07-08 10:19:02

Incgamers Peter Parrish has written a new article about why all of us should play Larian’s new RPG game Divinity: Original Sin. Here is a short sample.

Larian’s partially-crowdfunded RPG Divinity: Original Sin has been out for a week, and has rarely left the upper reaches of the Steam best sellers list. You won’t find many full reviews of the game out there right now though. Partly because review code was only available on the day of release and partly because the game is something like 80 hours long. Anybody who has reviewed it at this point most likely didn’t finish it (or binged through 15 hour chunks at a time, which would actually be quite understandable with this game.)

I’ve not finished it myself, but there’s already plenty I want to write about the game. I’m normally extremely cautious about gushing over games, particularly because this industry suffers from a dangerous excess of unmerited hype, but Original Sin deserves major plaudits. Most of them can be summarised as “Holy crap, Divinity: Original Sin is an outstanding RPG.” Here’s why you should play it.

Larian also released the next patch on Steam.

New Monday, New Update ! Version 1.0.57

Hi everyone,

Our latest (small) update brings you the following fixes:
- Crash fix for send to homestead from a container
- Fixed encumbered being spammed when dead
- Fixed crash while saving during a SurfaceGrowAction (this should fix any issues with crashing when going into the tunnel under the graveyard in Cyseal for example)

We are currently working on finding the causes for more critical issues.

To those still having issues, thank you for your patience. We are trying to weed out the most important issues as soon as possible.

If you still have trouble playing the game, do not hesitate to contact us!

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