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InSomnia - You Asked We Listened

by Couchpotato, 2014-07-11 04:47:45

The latest update for InSomnia has news from Studio Mono about a few changes to the game based on backer feedback. Here are the details from the update.

'You asked, we listened'

Hi everybody! Today we have some news that and we think it will be a good surprise for many people who are waiting InSomnia RPG. You asked, we listened carefully and we've analysed all the feedback we received from the start of campaign. Here's the result:

 InSomnia RPG on consoles  

The first on, from this day we will be working on opportunity of porting the InSomnia RPG on different types of consoles, before we start KS campaign we plane only Linux, Mac and PC but after we start, we receive so many messages from backers and even publishing companies - they all want to bring InSomnia RPG to consoles. Game mechanics allows us to port it but we need time to make careful analysis with various professionals from publishing companies in order to not give our backers false and empty promises. So, clearer information about which consoles the game will be ported to and what date; depending on PC release. We'll we will announce more several months after KS campaign is over.

Female playable character stretch goal deleted

The second, one we receive a lot of messages from backers about female playable characters and that this opportunity is really important for them, so we listened to you and we've deleted this stretch goal and will the find money, to make sure it's possible to play as a female protagonist, our own. There will be a female playable character, each with their own special perks, dialogue, some differnt quests and even different reactions of companions and key NPCs. The next stretch goal after 70.000 will be professional voice-overs!

“COMRADE” Reward tier added to reward section  

We have received several messages from backers that would like to receive as a reward 2 copies of the game, to play with their friends. We've listend and added a new reward has been added to reward section!

Developers Forums are under construction  

We started building developer forums, and absolutely rebuilding the InSomnia RPG site, to move discussions on it after KS campaign is over. We need to do a lot with the forums, its structure and private cabinets to make future discussions comfortable and ergonomic and most importantly fun. But it will take some time, please be patient and we will launch the Developer's Forums 2-3 weeks after KS campaign is over.  

20 additional chapters on 3-4 hours of gameplay transformed into 3-4 big seasons that will be released after main campaign release  

Again according to multiple discussions and messages from backers, we understand that most of backers will prefer several really big updates rather than a numerous number of small chapters. We've agreed that it is really more logical and ergonomic for developers and for players. There will be no less content just it will be released by 3-4 big updates in 2-3 years after the release of main campaign, so all the KS backers will receive these expansions for free once they're released That is all for now! 

Thank you to all the backers and visitors for you support!

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