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Grim Fandango - Update For Various Platforms

by Aries100, 2014-07-11 17:11:18

As many of us here are into adventure games and probably also likes Grim Fandago, I found that I should mention this. On Twitter yesterday, Double Fine confirmed this:

Reap your heart out! We're pleased to announce Grim Fandango will also be available on PC, Mac, and Linux alongside PlayStation 4 and Vita!

Patrick Klepek from Giant Bombs has this to say:

The rise of the "console" exclusive is one of the stranger video game marketing terms in 2014. Microsoft and Sony don't consider the PC to be a competing platform, so the companies often announce games as a "console" exclusive, even if it's coming to other platforms--i.e. PC, Mac, Linux--at roughly the same time

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