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Divinity: Original Sin - News Roundup

by Couchpotato, 2014-07-12 05:08:28

Geekparty has a new article for Divinity: Original Sin about the games difficulty.

Most of the time, this difficulty is welcome. It prolongs the life of the game and, seeing as Original Sin brings little in the way of randomness to the table (its world, and every encounter therein, has been painstakingly crafted by the developers), this means of extending your stay in the gorgeous and compelling world of Rivellon is certainly welcome.Except, sometimes, it can just be mean.

I’m going to spoil a fairly early (optional) encounter in the game, so be warned: If you have not yet explored the nooks and crannies outside the gates of Cyseal, this may make you unduly aware of what lies ahead. Given the context, though, that might be welcome.

Next Noobfeed talks about how the game was sold for the wrong price on GOG.

Allow me to make this news post personal, because it’s not often we have a direct impact on anything. You may know me as a stickler for pricing points and wanting to have the best and fairest deal for you the consumer, as well as developers and other companies. It’s as such that when Divinity: Original Sin launched on GOG.com on July 9, I sent the online store a question about their pricing.

And for last Larian Studios has released another patch on Steam.

Update v1.0.67

Hi everybody! Some fixes weren't ready in time for yesterday's update but they are ready now:

- Fixed issue where some game sessions could crash when playing in the Black Cove
- Fixed issue with missing sounds
- Region swapping while sneaking will no longer crash the client
- Fixed crash when the game didn't find a sound device
- Fixed issue when saving during the start of a combat

Please, don't forget to check the integrity of your game cache whenever an update is released.

To do so: right click on Divinity:Original sin in your library, select properties, click on local files and then click on "verify integrity of game cache".

Next week btw we'll be bringing you extra AI personalities together with a number of improvements based on your feedback

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