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Dark Souls II - Patch 1.08 Details Released

by Couchpotato, 2014-07-12 05:49:03

A site by the name of Junkie Monkeys has details of on the upcoming Dark Souls II patch. I'll have more news when the patch is released on Steam. So read on if you want.

A new version/ regulation (1.08) update is coming to Dark Souls II in the very near future. We have the full list of fixes, changes, weapon buffs, and armor nerfs that are coming in the newest update. Besides a fix for broken hit boxes, From Software has managed to listen to the Souls communities woes yet again.

Here is everything that will be fixed with the new version (1.06 for consoles and 1.04 for PC). The Regulation update list for 1.08 are further below. I’ll add explanations for some of the notes as well.

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