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Van Helsing II - Interview @ Pure News

by Couchpotato, 2014-07-12 06:16:20

Pure News also conducted another interview this week with Neocore Games about their released ARPG game The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II .

Pure News Question : Have you planned ever since the beginning of the development of the first game a trilogy?

Neocore Games Answer: That’s right, we planned to create a trilogy from the start. We realized quite early in the development that the core idea and the background world could easily grow into something much bigger. After we released the first game, the ideas just kept coming, and they didn’t stop at the second episode, so we still have plenty of material to build into the last part of the trilogy.

Pure News Question : The previous Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing, was an Action RPG with a complex system in terms of skill trees could you tell us what have you improved to be more new comer friendly?

Neocore Games Answer: In Van Helsing II we created two different starter character set-ups for each of the three classes. Players who don’t want to create a custom character and distribute the available skill points right at the beginning can start the game with one of the preset characters easily. We also redesigned the skill trees a bit to make it easier to manage.

There are tons of skills in the game you can use and many of them have the three modifiers called the PowerUps, so it might look complicated at first but it isn’t. We wanted to leave ground for players’ imagination and ARPG skills to create very different skill combos that work perfectly in the game.

Pure News Question :  What can we expect in the future from NeocoreGames?

Neocore Games Answer: Well, first of all, the third Van Helsing game of course and maybe we can also surprise you with another project in between :) After that, I guess we’ll see.

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