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Mass Effect IV - 10 Things That Will Kill It

by Couchpotato, 2014-07-13 13:16:59

What Culture has posted another of their infamous lists that takes a look at Mass Effect IV, and talks about tens things they think will ruin the game.

The Mass Effect franchise has fast become one of the most popular action-RPG franchises of all time, and a legendary sci-fi series in its own right. The first two games were critical (and commercial) darlings, while Mass Effect 3 was still a worthy entry despite not quite meeting the high expectations. Bioware’s creative universe, inhabited by bizarre creatures and filled with incredible locations, has resonated with fans worldwide.

Thanks to the series’ cult-like following, Mass Effect 4 is by far and away one of the most hotly awaited sequels of all time. While the game has been officially announced, EA and Bioware have been extremely tight-lipped with regards to the project, with only a few titbits of information being shared here and there.

For example, they’ve made it clear that Shepard’s story has ended, and the fourth entry won’t be a direct continuation of the original trilogy. Of course, we also don’t know whether that means it’ll be taking place a few years after Mass Effect 3, just with new characters, or if it will be set hundreds of years later.

Either way, Bioware need to take some lessons from the more questionable aspects of Mass Effect 3, if they want the franchise to live on beyond the fourth game. In this list, we’ve put together a list of 10 things that would totally kill the franchise if they were included in Mass Effect 4.

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