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Age of Wonders 3 - Development Updates

by Couchpotato, 2014-07-13 13:33:14

Since my last post about Age of Wonders II Triumph Studios has released three more updates on the games website. So sit back and get ready to read three updates.

The first update is about a new game feature called Mystical City Upgrades.

The goal with this new feature is to make cities a lot more unique. We got some feedback that right now city upgrades could use more diversity. The class structures vary per class of course, and the tier 3 unit building is different for each race. Then there’s the Harbor which you can only build if the city is located next to water. But you wanted more, and we heartily agree!

The second update talks about the New Disjunct Spell Mechanics.

Age Of Wonders 3 has many spells that that you can cast to strengthen their empires, enchant their cities and swing the tide of battle in their favor. Many of these spells can be removed by your enemies however, if they research an ability called Disjunction. Disjuncting a spell is simply a case of paying the same amount of mana that a spell cost to cast in order to Uncast it, removing its effects from the world.

Under the new rules, all players will have the ability to disjunct other player’s magic from the start of the game without needing any special research, however disjunction is no longer guaranteed to succeed.

The final update is about the developer hosting a Multiplayer Tournament.

With the World Cup nearing its conclusion; we have another great international sports event to look forward to: The Age of Wonders III Summer Tournament 2014! 

Community member BloodyBattleBrain is the instigator and will lead the organization. The exact rules will follow, they are partially dependent on the amount of players and your feedback of course. Triumph will contribute prizes.

The plan is to start the tournament July 15th,  If you wish to participate as a contestant, please post in the comments below!  Any suggestions on the tournament format are also welcome!

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